How to

How to correctly use Tanning Peptides

Melanotan 2 before and after

The Science

Tanning peptides work on increasing the bodies natural melanin production. Meaning unlike a fake tan you get all the health benefits of a real tan, in fact, it is a real tan!Because of the melanin production being increased even those that cannot tan naturally now have the ability to tanand get a better protection from sun damage.

Peptide technology

Peptides are a small chain of amino acids that aren’t quite long enough to be considered a full protein. They are considered the building blocks of proteins. Using peptides you can influence the way your body grows and adapts. Things we would normally be deficient or unable to produce can now be supplemented. Using tanning peptides you can bridge the gap between the results you want to achieve and the hurdles nature has thrown your way.


How to Mix the solution

When it comes to mixing the Melanotan it's easy to get confused. Best practice is to keep the numbers as simple as possible. It's important to remember that each Vial contains 10mg of the peptide and a dosage of .05mg is going to be the sweet spot for most people

so in order to mix the solution and keep things simple, if we put 1ml of water, we can understand that 1ml of the liquid would then contain 10mg of Tanning Peptide.

1ml of sterile water in syringe
  1. Pull 1ml of Sterile/BAC water into your insulin syringe.
  2. insert the insulin syringe into the Tanning Peptide Vial and empty the entire 1ml of sterile water into the peptide solution.
  3. Allow the peptide to dissolve into the sterile water, you can stir the vial around lightly but DO NOT SHAKE as this can damage the peptide

Using this mixture system it is now easier to work out how much of the peptide is in each injection. If we used 1ml of sterile water to mix 10mg of the peptide. then we can then understand that for every 0.1ml of liquid we should have 1mg of Tanning Peptide

In order to get the dosage of .05mg, we want to use .005 of Sterile water. On the syringe, it will look like this, halfway up the first Unit on the syringe 



The actual injection

safe injection is a pretty easy process, but also very important to know how to do it correctly. Hygiene is key, making sure you have a clean work area and alcohol swabs on hand to keep bacteria to minimums. 

  1. open your alcohol swab and swab the top of the vial.
  2. Insert the insulin syringe into the vial and draw up the desired dosage. 
  3. clear the air from the syringe (be careful as it's very easy to clear the peptide by accident).
  4. swab the area you are going to be injecting with the alcohol swab.
  5. Pinch an area of fat (usually the stomach) and inject down into the fat layer.
  6. push the plunger of the syringe down and inject the contents into the injection site. 


Tanning Peptide Phases  

It is important to first understand the 2 phases of use.
The first phase of usage is called the Loading phase, in this phase, the user will use the Tanning Peptide every day in order to build up an amount within the body to begin the Melanin production process.

Loading Phase

It's important to do an injection every day during the loading phase. Using a dosage of .5mg will allow you to quickly build a strong base of Tanning Peptide in the body without experience negative side effects.

Continue to inject daily for roughly 3-4 Weeks and if possible get some sun exposure every day.

Maintenance Phase

Once you have loaded the Tanning Peptide for 3-4 It is now time to switch over to the maintenance phase. Continue on the same dosage used during the Loading phase but only do the injection once a week, If you are having troubles holding your darker colour you can do the injections twice a week during the maintenance phase.