Tanning Peptide use FAQ

Common frequently asked questions related to tanning peptides.

Does it Work?

Short answer yes, it's a simple hormone mechanic that causes tanning, the more melanin in the body the darker your pigment will be. using peptides and UV exposure you'll see results.

Are there Side Effects?

Certainly and it's important to weigh them up before deciding to use, the Most common experience is an uneasy feeling in the stomach after injection, usually last around 20-30 mins. this is best avoided by doing the injections before bed so you won't experience them if you are asleep.
second is the darkening of freckles or moles before your overall tan darkens, this is totally normal and due to the increased production of melanin, if you stop using the peptide the freckles and moles will slowly fade back to the original colour.

The good news is there are no long term side effects linked to Tanning Peptides.

Do I need a Solarium?

you will get an increased amount of melanin resulting in a darker complexion regardless of solarium use or not, However, with more UV exposure you will continue to get darker faster. This is not limited so solariums the sun will work if you do not have access to a solarium.

How long does it last?

Once you have switched to a maintenance phase and are doing your Tanning Peptide weekly it will basically last forever. However if you do stop using it will slowly go back to normal after a couple of months.

How are the orders sent?

all orders are sent through AUSPOST with tracking, there will not be any Tanning Peptide identifiers on the outside packaging.

How do I use it?

this is covered here 

Will people know the package is Melanotan 

Not at all, packages will only show shipping information.